COVID-19 Update

We have been seeing patients face to face since the beginning of the pandemic in line with government and public health guidance.

Our first priority is the safety of patients and staff as we have many vulnerable patients and Covid 19 is still present in our local area. The limitations of our premises, with a very small waiting room and reception area, means we still need to limit the number of patients in the building at one time. With this in mind, we are moving towards offering patients a choice of remote or face to face consultations as quickly and safely as we can over the next few weeks.

The English government has announced that, from Monday 19th July, the majority of restrictions on social distancing, size of groups and mask wearing, etc will be lifted.

It has also been recognised by the government that Covid 19 cases will inevitably rise but, with the majority of the population having received a vaccine, there is a hope that this will not lead to increased hospitalisations and/or deaths.

Many of our visiting patients, however, will still be at risk due to a combination of reduced immune systems, unvaccinated younger people and/or underlying conditions that will be made worse by Covid19.

For this reason, the Lennard Surgery will be maintaining the following safeguards for patient safety:

•             If a consultation is required, patients will be offered  a telephone, video  or face to face consultation.

•             The front door will remain locked to ensure that there is no crowding in the very small lobby area

•             Patients will be required to wear a mask in the waiting room and in consultations

•             There will be limited seating in the waiting room and patients may be asked to stay outside until one is available

•             Continue with hand washing/sanitising and be socially distant where possible

We thank you for your continuing patience and cooperation.