Self Isolation Update

From Monday 16th August patients who have been double-jabbed don’t need to isolate if they are contact traced or have a positive household member (but will still need to do a PCR test). Details of what this means for you and what you need to do can be found here: 

However, the same does not apply for people working in healthcare settings. For our staff, a positive household member still means a period of self-isolation. A contact trace means isolation until a negative PCR result is received. This is because our staff work with the most clinically vulnerable people in society, and see patients who haven’t been vaccinated, and we have to reduce the risk of transmission wherever possible. Please bear this in mind if we continue to have staff shortages.

We are also asking any patient who has been contact traced and not yet had a negative PCR result, or any patient who has a positive household member (regardless of whether their own PCR test is negative) not to attend the surgery unless asked to by a member of the team. Please make contact by telephone in the first instance so that our clinicians can assess if it is safe for you to attend.

If you have not received both doses of the vaccine and develop symptoms, or are told to isolate by Track & Trace, or have a positive household member, this exemption does not apply to you, and you should still isolate as instructed. Please do not attend the surgery unless asked to by a member of our team. Make contact by phone.

We have many clinically extremely vulnerable patients – and staff – attend the surgery every day and we must do everything we can to keep them safe.

Thank you.