Administration and Medication Management Team

There are many members of staff behind the scenes that you may not be aware of.

Our administration team are responsible for handling various administrative duties such as:

  • Scanning and summarising of paperwork for new and existing patients.
  • Contacting other healthcare professionals and requesting discharge summaries and results.
  • Booking and facilitating more complex GP reviews for example Mental Health and Learning Disabilities.
  • Sending NHS and private referrals to different hospitals and departments and dealing with referral rejections and queries.
  • Arranging travel vaccination appointments and ordering in the vaccinations that are needed.
  • Registering new patients and managing deduction requests.
  • Monitoring internal and external communications.
  • Organising post-natal checks and first baby immunisations.
  • Dealing with private work requests such as medical reports that are requested by insurance companies and solicitors. We also prepare patients records if requested by the patient.
  • Managing and organising health screening appointments such as cervical smear tests and bowel screenings.

Within the team we also have prescription clerks whose job it is to produce the large numbers of repeat prescriptions we issue every day. Deal with patient prescription queries and liaise with local pharmacies,