TLS Mental Health Practitioner

We are pleased to introduce to you Kate our appointed Mental Health Practitioner. Kate joined the practice in December 2023.

Kate can see patients with the following conditions/concerns:

•           Patients who are not currently receiving treatment or therapy

•           Symptoms or people with diagnoses of psychotic illnesses

•           Anxiety          

•           OCD traits

•           Autism           

•           Phobias

•           Low mood/depression

•           PTSD

•           Stress

•           Negative thoughts/rumination

•           Frequent mood changes    

•           Eating issues/eating disorders

•           Self-harming behaviours    

•           Personality disorders

•           Suicidal thoughts     

Unfortunately, Kate is unable to see:

•           Patients who are seeking medication only, medication reviews or


•           Patients who are already receiving talking therapies or treatment (including from private providers)

•           Patients who are under secondary mental health care (e.g. Recovery team/crisis team etc.) Please contact the team directly to discuss any concerns. 

•           Under 18s

•           Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of dementia

There are also lots of resources to help you self-manage and support you.

Below are some links: